This web-site is all about ...

... maps created from freely available geographical data, compiled for portable GPS receivers (especially those produced by Garmin) and focused on recreation (especially topographic maps).

Most of the data is derived from satellite missions.

As all the data and the software that I am using has been made freely available by their respective creators (see acknowledgements), the compiled data available here is also free (of charge, but without any warranties) for anyone to use and download.

I also intend to be open about the methods I used to compile them so that other like-minded people may help to compile similar maps.

If you find these maps useful please help to contribute towards the development of community supported maps like www.malfreemaps.com and consider supporting a charity like www.worldvision.com.my which has a special child-sponsorship scheme.

New Data Sources

There are now newer versions of data available:

ASTER-GDEM v2 (Oct 2011)


TanDEM-X (not yet available; not sure if it will be public)


GSHHG (Jan 2013)


SWBD (Feb 2005)


64-bit Windows

For users of 64-bit Windows, please note that the registry files need to be slightly amended to include "Wow6432Node", for example:


I've included amended versions of all these reg files under each of the mapping products.

Malfreemaps Forum

As I don't have the time to maintain users and comments on this web-site, please use the Malfreemaps forum for discussions related to these mapping products:


ASTER GDEM Rwanda and Burundi

Am probably about to do health-related work in Rwanda ... so decided to do a Rwanda map with Burundi thrown in. Two major changes compared with previous maps: added UN Second Administrative Level Boundaries (SALB) data (see aknowledgements) for what it's worth (districts and provinces), and also have access to ArcGIS - so processed some of the data with that.

Coverage: The whole of Rwanda and Burundi.

Difficulties Downloading

If you have difficulties downloading the large zip files (e.g. dropped connections), I suggest using wget.

New developments

After some months of inactivity, decided to update some of the maps on this web-site. Here are the main changes:

1. Compatibility with more current versions of Mapsource

I finally decided to upgrade my own version of Mapsource so I had to figure out how to make the maps work on versions later than 6.13.7. In the end, it was actually not that difficult - just some minor changes with the registry. I'm viewing all the maps that I updated on version 6.16.1 and it seems to be fine - even the Indonesian map which is made out of 400+ tiles totalling 2Gb.

ASTER GDEM UK and Ireland v1.02

This update provides compatibility with newer versions of Mapsource, and includes coastlines (GSHHS2) and rivers (HydroSHEDS).

Coverage: UK and Ireland; and a bit of France

ASTER GDEM Haiti 1.02

This map marks a change in focus from recreational maps to maps covering areas affected by humanitarian disasters. Hopefully it helps with any relief effort. Data sources: ASTER-GDEM, GSHHS2 and HydroSHEDS (all 'free'; details in acknowledgements)

Coverage: The whole of Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

ASTER GDEM Indonesia v1.02

I vectorised most of the Indonesian ASTER-GDEM contours a while ago but never compiled it because it is so big.

Here is the whole of Indonesia: ASTER-GDEM Topo, HydroSHEDS and GSHHS2. This is the magnum opus of my map collection 421 tiles, about 2Gb, stretching from Christmas Island to Mindanao; Danau Toba to Lake Murray (PNG). Check out all the volcanoes which make up Java.

Coverage: The whole of Indonesia (border tiles with Malaysia can be obtained from the Malaysia map). Also happens to include some parts of Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

This was updated 2 June 2010: missing tiles in Sumatra and Kalimantan added.

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