Topographic Maps

According to the Canadian Centre for Topographic Information, a topographic map is a detailed and accurate graphic representation of cultural and natural features on the ground. In this web-site, I am using a narrower sense of the phrase to simply mean a map with contour lines to depict elevation.

ASTER GDEM v1 to be reworked

I've realised that I used a less than ideal setting for the Level0 setting. I should have used 24 but I used 22. I believe this value relates to the number of bits allocated to addressing points on Level 0 - the level in which the detailed 10m contours reside. 24 bits corresponds to a resolution of 2.4m vs 9.6m for 22 bits. Perhaps this explains why there was a considerable loss in the resolution of the contours after converting it with cgpsmapper.

Will re-compile and upload an updated map soon. Am expecting it to be bigger but with more detail preserved.

South East Asia Topographic Map

Am in the final stages of producing a topograpic map of much of South East Asia using the SRTM 4 data. For practical reasons, have reduced the vertical resolution to 50m contour line intervals. Will publish this soon ...


The following .img file contains rivers which are calculated to exist based on topographic information as derived from


South East Asia (15 arc-second resolution, approx 500m)

Note: This tile is also incorporated into the SRTM Malaysia v4 compilation and the soon to be released SRTM SEA v4.

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