This web-site is all about ...

... maps created from freely available geographical data, compiled for portable GPS receivers (especially those produced by Garmin) and focused on recreation (especially topographic maps).

Most of the data is derived from satellite missions.

As all the data and the software that I am using has been made freely available by their respective creators (see acknowledgements), the compiled data available here is also free (of charge, but without any warranties) for anyone to use and download.

I also intend to be open about the methods I used to compile them so that other like-minded people may help to compile similar maps.

If you find these maps useful please help to contribute towards the development of community supported maps like www.malfreemaps.com and consider supporting a charity like www.worldvision.com.my which has a special child-sponsorship scheme.


I created this web-site initially to share a topographic map of Malaysia (based on SRTM v2) which I compiled in June 2007 for my own trusty Garmin eTrex Venture Cx for use during a short mountain climbing trip Gunung Murud, Sarawak. This map could be superimposed together with malsingmaps both on Mapsource and on mapping GPS receivers.

I would like to think it was the inspiration for the subsequent malfreemaps SRTM topographic map.


My intention is to expand coverage to include the whole of South East Asia, keep up-to-date with new sources of data (for example the ASTER GDEM (released June 2009) and to expand the types of maps (rivers, etc.). If I had time, I would have liked to be more involved in making cycling and trail maps of Malaysia.

This site is dedicated to people who enjoy the great outdoors and in support of the Penan, one of the last truly nomadic rainforest peoples.