ASTER GDEM Malaysia v1.00

Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and portions of Kalimantan and Sumatra

This is my first attempt at compiling the ASTER GDEM. It has been superseded by v1.01 which has finer detail but does not include the blocks covering Kalimantan and Sumatra.

Coverage: The map covers a rectangular (N0 to N8, E99 to E121) including the whole of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei but also including portions of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Contours: 10m 100m 500m

Size: 472Mb

Compatibility: Mapsource 6.13.7

You can download individual tiles here or download a Mapsource (v6.137) compatible compilation (requires a slight modification to the registry - at your own risk!) from here.

The basic instructions for installing this is:

1. Extract (unzip) the contents of the file into:

2. Incorporate the file ASTER-GDEM.reg into the windows registry by double-clicking it. For your information, this is its contents:



Tiles are named as 60NN1EEE.img where NN is the number of degrees North and EEE is the number of degrees East of the lower left corner of the tile (all tiles are 1 degree squared). The "60" represents Malaysia's IDD code, "1" represents v1.


Although the ASTER-GDEM v1 is generally smoother and more detailed compared to SRTM v4, there are a few problems that I've noticed so far:

1. There are 'holes' - areas of persistent cloud cover - which, though are infrequent, are quite messed up indeed.

2. Don't know quite how to describe this but certain parts have lots of unnatural straight lines ...