SRTM South East Asia v4

Have been inspired by Malfreemaps' recent push into covering ASEAN countries. Hope this map will support it.

In order to expand coverage to an entire region, I have had to compromise on detail. Contour lines are only at 50m intervals. I choose not to use the ASTER GDEM as detail is not so crucial and furthermore, there are some distorted patches in the ASTER GDEM.

Coverage: Most of South East Asia (A rectangular block from S15 to N25, E91 to E145). This fairly large block includes parts of India and Bangladesh at the Northwest corner, Guam, Taiwan and Hainan Islands at the Northeast, and Northern Australia (including Darwin). Major omissions include the Northern mountains of Myanmar and Eastern Papua New Guinea.

Contours: 50m 100m 500m

Size: 623Mb

Compatibility: Mapsource 6.13.7

This map also includes the HydroSHEDS data (theoretical rivers) for South East Asia.

You can download individual tiles here or download a Mapsource (v6.137) compatible compilation (requires a slight modification to the registry - at your own risk!) from here.

The basic instructions for installing this is:

1. Extract (unzip) the contents of the file into:

2. Incorporate the file SRTM4-SEA.reg into the windows registry by double-clicking it. For your information, this is its contents:



1967 denotes the year ASEAN was formed.

downloading SRTM4-sea

Gday all. I have downloaded the SRTM4-SEA from your website. I have followed instructions re registry and ensured files are in the correct folders (I think). However when I try and load into mapsource (version 6.15.7)thesoftware does not recognise the maps and hence the maps will not load. Do have any tips or experience with this problem? Cheers and thank you in advance.

It really needs to be version 6.13.7

It really needs to be version 6.13.7 unfortunately for my set to work. For newer versions, there are differences in how the registry is supposed to be edited but off-hand, I'm not sure how. It is possible though - may have to google it.

download 6.13.7


I have been scanning the net for the old version to revert to or install on my new com. Can't find it at all. the old garmin link sends me to their shop now??? and the rest are through subscriber torrentz. any ideas?


Hi Any ideas on the registry


Any ideas on the registry mod for later versions of mapsource. I really am not familiar with this area, had a quick google search and decided I had no idea what I was looking at.

I found a good way to uninstall and revert back to the earlier version if need be.


It's all done

Beginning version 1.02 onwards, you can use the maps on later versions of Mapsource. The registry fix required is all there in the website.