ASTER GDEM Rwanda and Burundi

Am probably about to do health-related work in Rwanda ... so decided to do a Rwanda map with Burundi thrown in. Two major changes compared with previous maps: added UN Second Administrative Level Boundaries (SALB) data (see aknowledgements) for what it's worth (districts and provinces), and also have access to ArcGIS - so processed some of the data with that.

Coverage: The whole of Rwanda and Burundi.

Rectangle bounded by E28-32, S0-S5.

Contours: 10m 100m 500m

Size: 155Mb

Compatibility: Works with Mapsource 6.16.1 and can be downloaded to Garmin GPSRs (and combined/superimposed with other maps of Rwanda/Burundi).

As usual, it includes GSHHS 2 (visible on GPS units but not on Mapsource ? why) and HydroSHEDS for all its worth - the resolution isn't that great but it does give some clues as to where rivers and coasts would be. Also includes UNSALB data (which is out of date already as Rwanda tweaked their administrative units in 2006). The HydroSHEDS rivers are labelled by 'up-units' - basically representing the area of land being drained by that river - a proxy measure for the size of the river.

Download here.

(Decided also to compile a file for Garmin GPSr users. This file can be downloaded directly to a compatible Garmin unit (I'm using the eTrex Legend HCx) in the \Garmin directory.)

The basic instructions for installing this on Mapsource is:

1. Extract (unzip) the contents of the file into:

2. Incorporate the file AG1-RB.reg into the windows registry by double-clicking it. For your information, this is its contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Tiles are named as 420xxyyy.img where xx is the number of degrees South and yyy is the number of degrees East of the lower left corner of the tile (all tiles are 1 degree squared). The "420" represents Rwanda's IDD code. The FID is 4201.

Would think that OpenStreetMaps would provide complementary GIS data.