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Topographic Maps of Malaysia

Free detailed topographic maps of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei for Garmin GPS receivers, based on publicly available SRTM data.
How it was made
For all outdoor enthusiasts with GPS receivers in Malaysia and abroad, here are two detailed topographic maps which I compiled for myself, which I would like to share.


The East Malaysia map covers the whole of Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei and a small portion of Kalimantan (approximately N0.75 E109.5 - N7.55 E119.5)

The West Malaysia map covers the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore with a bit of Thailand and Sumatra (approximately N1.1 E99.5 - N6.8 E104.4)


These topographic maps have been compiled with contours at the following intervals:

  • Minor 10m
  • Intermediate 100m
  • Major 500m

(including a 'shoreline' contour at 3m)

These 'transparent' maps contain contour lines only. Hence it is best used in conjunction with other maps (e.g. from Malsingmaps).

The raw data has a horizontal accuracy of about 90m and vertical accuracy of about 10m.


I use these maps (combined with other maps) on my own Garmin eTrex Venture Cx GPSr and it works.

File extension: .img

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